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Kitkat turns 3 years old!

His Majesty King Kitkat first of his name, scratcher of furniture, slayer of virtual mice, protector of the realm. 
Yesterday was Kitkat's 3rd birthday. It was an uneventful day. We just spent the whole day at home with him holed up in his new shark bed (an early birthday present he got a few weeks back). He was probably wondering what the hell is going on since I had this urge to pick him up more often than usual and burst into an impromptu rendition of "Happy birthday Kitkat." 

Kitkat is loving his shark bed, an early birthday gift

I did decided to try out a new green tea scented (biodegradable and flushable) tofu based cat litter. He didn't like the scent of the new litter however and would jump in and out of the litter box before he finally decided it was acceptable to use. I think he is used to having unscented litter except for the familiar scent of the Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer we regularly use.

How do you like my La Lola Churros headgear

We played a little dress up for his birthday pictorial but he quickly became annoyed and promptly tried to run away from me everytime he sees me with another ridiculous hat to wear. :P 

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