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Nougat's teething woes

I was lying in bed this afternoon talking to somebody on the phone when Nougat suddenly jumped in the bed with me and he looked distressed. He kept on clawing on his mouth area like he was trying to remove something and my first thought was that he was choking. I checked his collar for tightness but couldn't find anything wrong. I checked inside his mouth for any foreign object but again I couldn't find anything wrong. I did notice that he was trying to push something out of his mouth using his tongue and saw his fangs moved! Right behind the loose tooth is a small tooth growing in its place. After a few minutes, 2 small fangs were lying in the sheets and Nougat was off playing with a rolled up sock like nothing out of the ordinary just happened. I didn't even realize that my friend was still on the phone trying to ask what happened as I might have sounded distressed myself while trying to troubleshoot what is wrong with my cat. I wasn't even aware that baby teeth shedding is a thing for kittens having completely missed it with Kitkat when he was growing up.

Say "Ahhhhh"! Nougat showing his teeth.

Nougat is a few days shy of his half-year mark and apparently, kittens can start shedding their milk teeth sometime between 4 to 6 months of age. It didn't appear to be particularly painful for Nougat. It just looked like he was trying to remove a foreign body that got stuck in between his teeth. There were a few spots of blood in the discarded tooth but upon inspecting his mouth after the whole event, I could not see any active bleeding in the gums. Prior to this, I did notice that he tended to bite a lot. Just playful bites on the hand which I try to discourage but that could have been a sign that he was starting to shed his milk teeth.

Nougat still has a few milk teeth left. Notice the double canine tooth at the bottom.
*** EDIT ***

Found another one on top of the sofa eeek! @@

One of Nougat's fangs that have fallen off


  1. Wait till you step on one at night they can cut just like glass. I discovered this the hard way?

    1. I have found 3 so far. I can imagine there are more lying around the house waiting to be stepped on @@